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Know this about Medical Oxygen Gas Generators

Medical Oxygen Gas Generators

Medical Oxygen Generators are commonly based on Pressure Swing Adsorption technology and are comprehensively utilized with an goal to provide oxygen in hospitals and other healthcare services. These generators are mainly used at places where using liquid oxygen, or handling pressurized gas may be hazardous or unsuitable. PSA technology-based oxygen generators are dependable and minimal effort systems for all types of oxygen generation.

Use of Medical Oxygen Generators in the current times

In these unprecedented times, healthcare centers around the world have realized the importance of Medical Oxygen Gas Generators. On-site generators are highly reliable, cost-effective, and the best solution that provides a high-purity, uninterrupted supply of oxygen gas. With the acceptance of European standards of 93% oxygen for use in hospitals, other healthcare centers, and disaster preparedness, hospitals can now eliminate the logistical problems related to the management of oxygen supply, cylinder filling, and management. Along with meeting their in-house oxygen needs, hospitals having on-site medical oxygen generators can also fill cylinders to provide backup and gas supply to remote locations.

How do medical oxygen generators work?

The ambient air consists of 78% nitrogen, 21%oxygen and 1% other gases. On-site medical oxygen systems separate out oxygen from the atmospheric air and help the user by delivering a high-purity, uninterrupted supply of oxygen.

MVS Oxygen plants

On-site oxygen generators have been in use all over the globe since the 1980s and MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd., a leading manufacturer and exporter of all air and gas solutions since 1977, has been one of the best manufacturer of Medical Oxygen Generators since its innovation. The company tailors the generator according to the individual user’s needs. Generators by this company have proved to be the best when we discuss its efficiency, cost, and durability.

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