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Medical Oxygen Generators -The need of the hour

In the second wave of coronavirus in India, the value of oxygen became equivalent to gold as every state was facing a shortage of oxygen. States like Delhi, Punjab, West Bengal, Karnataka, and Kerala put forth their request to the Centre to increase their oxygen supply as the requirement of medical oxygen to treat COVID positive patients increased drastically.

How can we combat this problem?

To combat the shortage of oxygen gas, it is essential for all healthcare facilities to switch to on-site medical oxygen generators from cylinders.

What are Medical Oxygen generators?

Ambient air is 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% other gases like argon and carbon dioxide. Medical Oxygen generators extract oxygen from the air, purify it in the desired purity and provide it to the user.

These generators help the user reduce the operating cost significantly, and it is the best alternative to gas cylinders, expensive tanks and dewars. The production of low-cost O2 from atmospheric air at the premises leads to amortization of the on-site generator investment costs within a short period (generally 2 years), thereby contributing to the prosperity of the company.

What are the benefits of generating medical O2 on-site?

Availability of medical oxygen is a matter of life and death. O2 is an essential medicine to treat different levels of patients at healthcare systems that include heart failure, trauma, asthma, surgery, and many other problems. It is an essential supplement to treat COVID-19 patients as well.

Producing O2 on-premises safeguards the user from supply shortage and losses related to the inadequate supply of oxygen at the healthcare facility.

Meeting the O2 needs in remote areas is difficult; it often gets challenging to make sure that oxygen is delivered on time to these remote areas. In this case, producing oxygen in-house is the best option for all healthcare facilities. With these systems, the user can ensure an uninterrupted supply no matter where in the world they are located.

MVS Medical oxygen generators produce high purity (93 to 95%) medical grade O2 in the required quantity as and when required. MVS generators are manufactured using innovative and recent technology. On-site plants by MVS meet the highest quality standards, are fully automatic, safe and cost-effective. To know about the plants in detail, visit

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