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Onsite Hydrogen Plants: A Brief Overview

Pure hydrogen can be produced artificially by multiple means. As many commercial companies need bulk amounts of hydrogen for their productions, they prefer onsite hydrogen generating systems. A hydrogen plant manufactured by a reliable brand can fulfil all the requirements.

Functional methods adopted in a hydrogen plant -

Bipolar electrolysis –

A bipolar electrolyzer is chosen for producing pure hydrogen. An alkaline electrolyte is added to it, which will break due to electrolysis into hydrogen and oxygen. This onsite plant is popular due to its compact design and ability to produce highly pressurized hydrogen.

Proton exchange membrane –

This is another electrolytic method of producing hydrogen under required pressure. Oxygen evolves under atmospheric pressure, and this difference in pressure prevents the mixing of these two gases after their separation through electrolysis. This method is preferred for its simplicity and safe operational mode.

MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. offers various models of hydrogen generators based on these two technologies mentioned above. The purity level of hydrogen gas is 99.99%, and the pressure level varies from 15 – 30 bars, per clients' requirements. The hydrogen plant provided by our company is safe and productive, making it easier for commercial companies to meet their continuous demands for pure hydrogen.

MVS Engineering further customizes these hydrogen plants according to the convenience of clients. These onsite plants are available at affordable prices that do not increase the production costs of those companies too much. Clients only need to provide electricity and water for cooling these plants. Because of these reasons, MVS hydrogen plants are popular all over the world.

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