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Operational Techniques of an Industrial Oxygen Generator

Oxygen is needed for the oxidation of different materials during the stages of industrial production. It is inconvenient and expensive to buy oxygen cylinders to meet the bulk requirements of this gas. Hence, only an industrial oxygen generator can produce enough oxygen continuously to fulfil all these requirements.

Technology applied in an industrial oxygen generator :

The prime goal of an oxygen generator is to separate oxygen from other gases present in the atmospheric air. It filters oxygen from the air through Zeolite molecules, which absorb nitrogen. Later, nitrogen is released back into the atmosphere through a vent line. Thus, 95% pure oxygen is produced for industrial uses, from 21% oxygen present in the surrounding air.

A PSA industrial oxygen generator consists of 2 containers filled with Zeolite molecules and alumina. All toxic elements are removed from the air, and their temperature is maintained at 30 degrees C while passing into this generator. The air enters a vessel, and only purified oxygen emerges out of that vessel while the nitrogen is absorbed there. When the molecules are too saturated with nitrogen, the oxygen purification process is automatically shifted to the second vessel through a valve. The absorbed nitrogen is then released into the air by taking off the pressure on it, which is termed the regeneration process.

MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd offers this simple yet effective PSA oxygen generator for onsite generation of oxygen at a low cost. It also offers a VPSA generator that can produce greater amounts of oxygen where large-scale production is needed. Therefore, industries rely on the quality of these generators.

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