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Precautionary Systems Adopted For PSA Oxygen Generators of MVS Engineering

MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. makes sure of the safety while designing the onsite oxygen plants for hospitals. Several oxygen plants are installed in different hospitals throughout India, which are also maintained regularly by MVS Engineering. Therefore, precautionary measures are taken to safeguard the continuous operation of an oxygen generator to prevent the shortage of oxygen for patients.

Online Digital Analyzer is installed within the MVS oxygen plant, which checks the purity level of oxygen before passing it to the storage tank or directly to patients. If the oxygen produced is found to be less than 90% pure, the production is stopped immediately to find out the cause of the malfunction that caused this impurity. During such circumstances, the oxygen supply is continued with the stored oxygen kept as a backup, which is automatically initiated by a panel of the oxygen generator.

A Pressure switch is installed in the Oxygen Buffer tank to check the pressure existing there. If this pressure drops below 3.5 Bar, there will be an alarm to take appropriate action. The Reserve oxygen tank is also immediately intimated to be active at this time by the switchover panel till the normal pressure is restored in the Buffer tank.

Backup oxygen cylinders need to have a pressure of 150 Bar so that a continuous oxygen supply can be maintained to patients and keep them alive. These oxygen cylinders can also be provided to patients when they are shifted to their homes and still need the support of oxygen for breathing.

Therefore, the PSA Oxygen Generator of MVS Engineering acts as a life-saver for numerous people due to its upgraded mechanism and the application of the latest technology.

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